I Feel Better and Ready to Take on the World Again

When I was a little girl, my mom took me to an ice skating rink. After my first time skating, I wanted to do it again and again. Mom worked hard to get me lessons, and over time, I became a champion skater. Now that I am 50 years old, I no longer compete, but I still love to get out on the ice. What slowed me down was a bad fall that kept me in bed on too many days. I looked for relief with the help of a San Jose chiropractor and it worked.

When I was young, I really did a number on my body with all the falls I had on the ice. But I was young, so I was often able to heal and get better very quickly. Bruises were no big deal to me. If I wanted to win a trophy or a medal, I had to ignore the pain, get back up and keep training. I was no wimp. I have broken a lot of bones and I did all that I could as a young person to heal quickly and get back up. But things have changed over the years in my old age.

My body can no longer handle competing, but I do enjoy skating around as a way of relaxing. I went to the local rink several months back to have a nice day on the ice. Some teens were horsing around and they tripped me. I fell, and I knew immediately when I landed that there was some major damage to my back. I found myself in pain, hunched over and not able to carry out my daily activities as normal. This went on for two months with no end in sight. Seeing a chiropractor is the only thing that gave me my life back.