Getting metal free dental restoration in Novi, Michigan

Actually, dental restoration is an oral treatment used to fill in the holes and cavities in teeth to create more structurally impressive and healthier looking smile. In the past dental treatments, the dentists were using metal fillings for this purpose. Even though metal restoration filling was effective, it reduces the appearance and confidence smile of the humans. There are a lot of innovations and creative designs of fillings found frequently by the dental care experts. Now, the metal fillings were alternated with the other filling options which are effective even in appearance.

Alternate options to metal fillings:

Over the past hundreds of years, metal fillings were very famous among the dental treatments. But the metal fillings are being replaced by the most durable and visually pleasing filling options. The best alternate options to this metal filling are,

  • Composite fillings
  • Porcelain fillings

Both these filling options are rising to be the standard option now in the dental restoration treatment for the tooth colored appearance and also ease of application. Generally, metal filling stands out from the teeth due to the dark teeth coloring and take away from the confident smile. But the non-metal fillings help dentists to create whiter appearance overall. When you would like to get the Metal Free Restorations in Novi, Michiganregion, Novi family dentistry is a right dental clinic where you can get non-metal restoration fillings with more care and affordable treatment. Non metal restorations are speciality of the dentists in this dental care centre. All the dental professionals in this clinic are modern dentists so they are choosing advanced non metal fillings for the restoration treatment.


Composite and porcelain fillings:


Porcelain and composite fillings actually provide a healthy white smile while metal filling restoration tends to dull and become dark over some years. Metal Free Restorations in Novi, Michigan family dentistry is easily bonded to the teeth and cavities. It will not increase the sensitivity of the teeth. Non metal restoration actually maintains original shape of the tooth while providing teeth more functionality and stability. Proper fillings are highly necessary to avoid spreading of cavity and maintain total oral health. The dentists in the Novi family dentistry are experts in providing such metal free restorations according to the needs of the patients.


Metal restoration fillings are usually created using the best combination of different metals including mercury which are slightly harmful to the humans. But the metal free fillings are always safe and non-toxic restorations to the patients. Restoration filling doesn’t last forever and it will be replaced by the Novi dentists. When the individuals switch from the metal filling to the non-metal filling, you can increase the brightness of the smile. Composite and porcelain fillings are modern and new way to stop cavities on your teeth for creating a beautiful smile. Novi family dentistry and its dentists are committed to make sure every patient will have happy and confident smile through the professional and inexpensive dental practice.