Getting metal free dental restoration in Novi, Michigan

Actually, dental restoration is an oral treatment used to fill in the holes and cavities in teeth to create more structurally impressive and healthier looking smile. In the past dental treatments, the dentists were using metal fillings for this purpose. Even though metal restoration filling was effective, it reduces the appearance and confidence smile of the humans. There are a lot of innovations and creative designs of fillings found frequently by the dental care experts. Now, the metal fillings were alternated with the other filling options which are effective even in appearance.

Alternate options to metal fillings:

Over the past hundreds of years, metal fillings were very famous among the dental treatments. But the metal fillings are being replaced by the most durable and visually pleasing filling options. The best alternate options to this metal filling are,

  • Composite fillings
  • Porcelain fillings

Both these filling options are rising to be the standard option now in the dental restoration treatment for the tooth colored appearance and also ease of application. Generally, metal filling stands out from the teeth due to the dark teeth coloring and take away from the confident smile. But the non-metal fillings help dentists to create whiter appearance overall. When you would like to get the Metal Free Restorations in Novi, Michiganregion, Novi family dentistry is a right dental clinic where you can get non-metal restoration fillings with more care and affordable treatment. Non metal restorations are speciality of the dentists in this dental care centre. All the dental professionals in this clinic are modern dentists so they are choosing advanced non metal fillings for the restoration treatment.


Composite and porcelain fillings:


Porcelain and composite fillings actually provide a healthy white smile while metal filling restoration tends to dull and become dark over some years. Metal Free Restorations in Novi, Michigan family dentistry is easily bonded to the teeth and cavities. It will not increase the sensitivity of the teeth. Non metal restoration actually maintains original shape of the tooth while providing teeth more functionality and stability. Proper fillings are highly necessary to avoid spreading of cavity and maintain total oral health. The dentists in the Novi family dentistry are experts in providing such metal free restorations according to the needs of the patients.


Metal restoration fillings are usually created using the best combination of different metals including mercury which are slightly harmful to the humans. But the metal free fillings are always safe and non-toxic restorations to the patients. Restoration filling doesn’t last forever and it will be replaced by the Novi dentists. When the individuals switch from the metal filling to the non-metal filling, you can increase the brightness of the smile. Composite and porcelain fillings are modern and new way to stop cavities on your teeth for creating a beautiful smile. Novi family dentistry and its dentists are committed to make sure every patient will have happy and confident smile through the professional and inexpensive dental practice.


Approach a dentist whom you trust

Finding a trustworthy dentist can seem like a tough job but it is easier as people know where to search for good candidates to get the best dental services. They know the things to look for while comparing the services of dentists or clinics. They also know the questions to ask the dentist for choosing one that first their needs and situation. First of all, people have to determine what type of professional they need. There are several areas focused by dental doctors such as general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. Once you have chosen the specialty of the professional you can choose a dental clinic or dentist who has good reputation in your community. If you live in Kenosha, you can get referrals from your neighbors and friends to find the trustworthy and experienced dentist in Kenosha, WI. All you require is spending your time on research to find someone you can trust.

Consider the factors while choosing a dentist

An initial free consultation can reveal only few things. So, people have to make an appointment to discuss with the dentist about the methods and treatments that can be performed to solve the dental issues.

  • First consider how long has been the dentist in this business. Even though experience does not help you in finding the skill of the dentist it can help you in narrowing down the choice of dentists.
  • Check if the dentist has proper educational qualifications. People can contact their local society for confirming this if necessary.
  • Check the experience of the dentist in handling a procedure that you require to treat your dental problem.
  • Next consider the implant dentist approach they follow. Make sure he or she practices the advanced implant procedures to offer best results.
  • Some other factors people have to consider while choosing a dental service provider are type of anesthesia used in the treatment, insurance plans they accept, payment plans they offer and emergency care services they provide to the patients. Do not forget to consider the availability of dental services.

Ask yourself the following questions

People can ask the following questions themselves in order to make sure they have found the right one to get treatment for their dental issues.

  • Ask yourself if the hours and location of operation is convenient for you. Make sure the dentist work with your convenient schedule.
  • Next ensure if the staffs of the clinic is willing to answer all the questions of the patients.
  • People have to ask themselves if they feel comfortable to be with them. A good relationship between the dentist and patient is very important so that the patient can gain confidence in getting dental treatment.
  • Some other questions people have to ask themselves while choosing a dentist in Kenosha, WI includes does the equipment and technology look relatively new and do they wear protection equipment while offering treatment.

People must contact their insurance company to determine whether they offer partial or full coverage before accepting the major procedure.

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How To Select An Effective Diet Program

Hypothyroidism is a health condition which results from a lower production of hormones within the thyroid gland. This could contribute to an extensive list of medical problems if not diagnosed and treated immediately. It is generally recommended that one of the most effective solutions is always to select a thyroid diet program created specifically to help the activities in the thyroid gland return to normal levels.

What is the best diet plan for people with this condition?

First of all, it will be essential to eat only lower calorie food items since too much calorie consumption will slow down the metabolism and also worsen the condition. It is also believed that smaller meal portions during the day will be far better than the regular three meals each day for individuals with hypothyroidism.

Some expert nutritionists suggest that vegetarians do better when it comes to dealing with the effects of this condition than people who eat lots of meat. Raw and fresh fruits and vegetables will provide the correct amount of nutrients without exaggerating this condition. Raw foods are considered preferential items for a Hypothyroidism diet, since these contain additional essential minerals and vitamins than items that are already processed or cooked partly or in full.

Stay away from processed foods like white rice and white bread since these aren’t as wholesome as the whole wheat and brown varieties. An increase of fiber in your diet can also have a significant impact on your general health and well being. The refined foods will be much more difficult for the body to handle.

Finally, drinking the right amount of water also needs to be a significant part of your thyroid diet regime. Make an effort to drink a minimum of eight glasses of clean, fresh water daily. Reduce your consumption of soda pops and brewed drinks because these will cause more problem in the long run. Sufficient hydration will be essential for your thyroid gland to work properly.

Three Ideas For Keeping Your Thyroid Healthy This Summer

postSummer is almost here and it’s a great time to renew our spirits with fun in the sun, relaxation and cooking out. It’s important to rejuvenate our bodies and souls from from a long winter season of hibernation and work. Having fun and relaxing is important, but it’s also important to take some some preventative measures to keep our bodies functioning optimally and a huge component of that is watching our diet plan. If you suffer from hypothyroidism, a healthy diet becomes even more crucial. Here are a couple of simple pointers to assist keep your thyroid healthy while enjoying the summertime months to the fullest.

The first thing you might want to do to welcome the summer vacation is pop open a nice cold can of beer. Before you do, consider having a cold lemonade or iced tea instead. The hops that is in beer contains phyoeoestrogens, which have been shown in studies to increase the estrogen levels in the body. And estrogen is a thyroid suppressing hormone. Since your thyroid is already sluggish, drinking beer will only make it worse. So, sip a nice glass of refreshing homemade lemonade. Try to keep it healthy by avoiding sugar and artificial sweeteners.

The next thing your might want to consider is saying no to that potato salad. Although potatoes are full of nutritious properties, they are also very starchy and can wreak havoc with your blood sugar. To slow down the absorption of the starch so it has less of an impact on your blood sugar, it’s recommended to eat a good amount of fat with the potato. You might think that the mayonnaise in the potato salad would be just perfect for that, but instead, the opposite is true. Most store bought mayonnaise is made of soybean oil. Soy and soybean oil is very bad for your thyroid as they both produce estrogen, which suppresses the thyroid. The good news is that you’ll be happily surprised with the better alternative. A much better option for someone with hypothyroidism is a baked potato slathered with butter and cheese. You’ll be taking care of your body and making your taste buds happy at the same time.

Finally, bring on the burgers and forget the hotdogs. Polyunsaturated fats are the single bigger dietary cause of hypothyroidism. They keep the thyroid from functioning properly in three ways, at the gland, in the cell, and in the blood. Hotdogs are filled with polyunsaturated fats. Hamburgers, on the other hand, contain less polyunsaturated fats because cows are better able to convert these fats into healthier saturated fats. Do keep in mind that organic meats are always preferred over highly processed meats. So, try to stay away from those box hamburger patties.

Are Thyroid Poisons Causing Your Fatigue

Your thyroid functioning is central to your overall health because it controls the ability and speed you can burn energy in each and every cell of your body (your metabolism). It also controls your growth and development and nervous system functioning. It even drives the speed of your heart beat! It does this by making a hormone called thyroxine. In turn, thyroxine is made from iodine.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to use your energy to complete a project or a conversation, or even just to get out of bed. If your thyroid’s not working properly, you can forget about goals altogether. You just won’t have the energy to even create a goal – much less see it through to completion.

But it’s not just present-time goals that are affected. Suppose you were born female, to use one example, and that for some reason nobody noticed that your thyroid functioning was low since you drew your first breath. Just to focus on your functioning as a female – you likely would start your periods late (called delayed onset of menarche), then you’d probably have episodes of no periods after you finally started them (called post-pubertal amenorrhea). Then when you wanted to have children, you’d likely find out you were infertile. And you’d encounter major problems during peri-menopause and menopause.Not to mention extreme problems losing weight.

This is just one example so you can see why it pays you big time to find out if there’s anything that’s weakening your thyroid functioning – and then take effective steps to turn that around. To emphasize the point, your entire ability to function in every aspect of your life – throughout every phase of your life -depends on it.

Finding Out

In short, any substances or situations that make it difficult for your body to produce thyroxine will weaken your thyroid and lower its functioning. Each of these is possible to address effectively.

Here are 14 of them that especially affect people in the modern world:

1.Inflammation of your thyroid (from food intolerances such as gluten, heavy metals, chemicals, to name a few);

2.Infections that land in your thyroid as well as damage from the toxins they produce (for example, endotoxins produced by Candida);

3.Antibodies your body produces to fight these infections;

4.Prescription drugs: Interferon, Interlukon, cholesterol-lowering drugs Lithium, synthetic thyroid medications, Parlodel (bromocriptine) Doxtinex (cabergoline), Permax (pergolide), Mirapex and Sifrol (pramipexole),Requip (ropinirole), Apokyn (apomorphine), Neupro (rotigotine) and Norprolac (Quinagolide);

5.Too many soy isoflavones (see below on the soy controversy);

6.Agricultural spray residues;

7.Chemical additives in food;

8.Chlorine/ fluorine – exposure comes from water, toothpaste and dental sealants (these knock iodine out of the thyroid, making it impossible to produce thyroxine);

9. X- rays;


11.Radiation: from medical treatments, nuclear power plants, high power lines, microwaves, computer and TV monitors, water beds, electric blankets and appliances. When the regular non-radioactive iodine your thyroid needs to function is replaced by radioactive I-131, that can trigger genetic damage that gives rise to cancer decades after exposure, with the worst damage being in cells that reproduce most rapidly;

12.Toxic bowel and/or leaky gut;

13.Estrogen dominance;

14.Heavy metals such as mercury (leaking dental amalgam tooth fillings and vaccines containing Thimerosol are primary sources), also cadmium, too much copper, synthetic iron, lead etc.

Also Be Sure To:

  • Include iodine-rich foods in your diet such as seaweeds and other sea vegetables – kelp especially.
  • Reduce consumption of food that contain goitrogens such as raw brussels sprouts, turnips, soy, cauliflower, cassava, millet, cabbage, kale, flaxseeds and brocolli. Cooking is thought to destroy these compounds.
  • Include of lots of protein, especially foods that contain tyrosine ( almonds, avocados, bananas, dairy, lima beans, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, soy) and glutamine (cooked kale, celery, carrots, papaya and Brussels sprouts)
  • Eat foods rich in vitamin B complex, especially B12 (spirulina and nutritional yeast with no added synthetic B vitamins are good sources) macro and trace minerals
  • Consume plenty of foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids (about 1/3 of your fat consumption in a month).

A Note About the Soy Controversy: To Soy or Not to Soy:

If you are low in estrogen, you may decide to consume more soy products because they promote estrogen production. Using soy in this way is a dietary form of hormone replacement therapy. However, too much soy can have a damaging effect on your thyroid. It has been shown that exposure to high levels of the isoflavones found in soy can put you at risk for developing chronic thyroid damage due to goiterogenic effects (meaning they tend to induce growth of an enlarged thyroid gland, called a goiter).

Additionally, soy consumption is controversial because soy contains phytates which are protease inhibitors. In other words, they inhibit the enzymes that help you digest proteins. Many health care practitioners therefore advise avoiding the direct consumption of raw or partially processed soy flour, soy protein concentrate, or other soy products. Soy foods fermented in the traditional way are relatively free of these protease inhibitors.

If you want to stay in a safe zone with regard to soy products, stick with fermented soy products only (such as natto miso and tempeh). Studies have shown that intake of fermented soy products can alleviate the severity of hot flashes. However, remember that hot flashes are a symptom, not a cause. They can result from any number of conditions such as low estrogen, heavy metal toxicity or anything that drives your automatic (autonomic) nervous system, to produce sympathetic dominance.

How Do Hormones Effect Your Body

Hormones are very potent substances. Even in very small amounts they can have a profound effect on the body. Consequently, the body exercises tight control over the amounts of hormones it produces. This is accomplished by several different mechanisms.

First is the pituitary gland which produces hormones that regulate other glands. By increasing or decreasing the amount of these regulatory hormones, the pituitary can control the function of the glands. For example, thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) increases the activity of the thyroid gland, causing it to manufacture and release more thyroid hormone. More TSH will stimulate the thyroid gland into greater activity, while small amounts of TSH will slow the thyroid down.

The pituitary gland itself is under the regulation of another gland – the hypothalamus. In the case of the thyroid, the hypothalamus manufactures a substance called thyrotropin realeasing hormone (TRH), which regulates the production of TSH by the pituitary. So TRH stimulates the pituitary, which releases TSH, which in turn stimulates the thyroid gland.

There are similar regulating substances that the hypothalamus uses to control pituitary function with respect to other glands. In the case of estrogen and progesterone (and testosterone in men), this substance is called gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH).

The hypothalamus is under the direct control of the brain. In fact it is a part of the brain that specializes in endocrine function. Thus, the brain and the nervous system are ultimately in control of hormone release and production. This is why your mental and emotional state can have a strong effect on hormone balance and metabolism.

In addition to the brain, each hormone has an ability to regulate its own production. This mechanism is known as negative feedback. Again, I will use the thyroid hormone as an example. As the thyroid hormone is released into the blood, it circulates throughout the body, eventually finding its way to the pituitary and the hypothalamus. Like all the other cells in the body, the cells of these glands have thyroid receptors. As these receptors become more activated, they convey the message that there are increasingly greater amounts of the thyroid hormone present in the circulation. This results in the decreased production of both the TRH and TSH, which leads to lower activity of the thyroid gland.

If the pituitary and hypothalamic receptors do not ‘see’ enough thyroid hormone, a message is sent to produce more TRH and TSH. A similar feedback loop exists for most hormones in the body.

The glands and hormones are programmed to work harmoniously with one another to make sure the body functions properly. In some cases, the hormones or gland do not perform correctly. Thankfully, the medical community has developed therapies and drug treatments to assist with many of these deficiencies and help improve performance of the glands and hormones.

Symptoms Of An Underactive Thyroid

Underactive thyroid (also referred to as hypothyroidism) is a condition that manifests itself as a thyroid gland that does not manufacture enough of certain essential hormones. The thyroid gland plays a critical role in controlling the rate at which the body utilizes energy. It accomplishes this by manufacturing two hormones – thyroxine and triiodothyronine. These hormones govern the rate at which metabolism occurs within individual cells and play important roles in the regulation of body development. Therefore, thyroid problems can bring about a wide variety of symptoms. Keep reading to learn about underactive thyroid symptoms.

Initial Signs and Symptoms of Underactive Thyroid

Two of the initial symptoms of this condition are sluggishness and tiredness, however patients often ignore them. After that come more identifiable symptoms like joint and muscle pain, low cold tolerance, lack of appetite, joint and muscle pain, slow body movement as well as constipation. Some sufferers might notice moderate weight increases. As thyroid hormone levels reduce, the hair and skin tend to become dry, rough and lifeless. Also, women who are in their child bearing age may experience irregular menstrual cycle. In contrast, women who are in the premenopausal age range might experience heavy menstrual cycles.

Later Stage Symptoms

If hypothyroidism is not treated early, the condition will deteriorate further. It might lead to thyroid gland enlargement, which is also referred to as goiter. Also, it can cause a more severe complication called myxedema. This occurs as thyroid hormone levels become very low. At this stage, the symptoms include weakness, puffiness at the face, lack of sensation within the legs and arms, thinning eyebrows, hair loss and voice change.

Several individuals who have advanced hypothyroidism complain about concentration problems and weak memory. The condition also affects the general mental state and might result in depression. Effects of certain medications, injuries and infections are so serious in some underactive thyroid sufferers that it can result in coma. This may cause extremely low body temperature. Certain symptoms are common in elderly patients such as uneasiness, memory loss and hearing loss.

Underactive Thyroid Symptoms In Growing Children

Children and infants also suffer from underactive thyroid. This is why new born children are examined for the condition. If the condition is detected at an early phase, the child can be saved from any abnormal development and growth through proper treatment. Sleepiness, constipation, puffy face, throaty harshness and frequent choking when feeding are some of the early signs of hypothyroidism in babies.

If they do not receive appropriate treatment in time, babies with hypothyroidism may develop protruding abdomens, delayed teething, and dryness of hair and skin. The children may also be too short for their age, have less than normal intelligence, and a puffy appearance. In other words, hypothyroidism can severely affect a child’s normal mental and physical development.

Underactive thyroid symptoms affect millions of individuals in different parts of the world and are particularly prevalent in women. Thus, women should learn all they can about the condition and its symptoms. If a pregnant woman develops this condition during the first three months of pregnancy, she should see her physician right away and undergo therapy for the same, so as to ensure the unborn child has optimum chance of growing and developing normally.

What Are Common Causes of Fatigue

Tired woman in front of laptop computer

Tired woman in front of laptop computer

Fatigue is a feeling of tiredness, exhaustion, or lack of energy. You may feel mildly fatigued because of overwork, poor sleep, worry, boredom, or lack of exercise.

Most causes of fatigue will resolve in time without requiring a visit to the doctor.

Illness such as a cold or the flu, may cause fatigue, which usually resolves over a short period of time as the illness clears up. A stressful emotional situation may also cause fatigue. This type of fatigue usually clears up when the stress is relieved or becomes better controlled.

Many prescription and non-prescription medication can cause weakness or fatigue. These side effects usually resolve after you adjust to taking the medication. This may be seen with almost any drug; however, it is more common with blood pressure medications, and mood altering drugs (sedatives and antidepressants).

The use or abuse of alcohol, caffeine, or illegal drugs can cause fatigue.

A visit to a health professional usually is needed when fatigue occurs along with more serious symptoms such as pain, fever and chills, trouble breathing, abnormal bleeding, or unexplained weight loss or gain.

Fatigue that lasts longer than 1-2 weeks usually requires a visit to a health professional for further evaluation. This type of fatigue may be caused by a more serious health problem. Your physician will probably recommend test to evaluate you for the following potentially serious causes of fatigue:


A decrease in the amount of oxygen-carrying substance (hemoglobin) found in red blood cells (anemia). This may occur from blood loss related to intestinal bleeding, menstruation, and trauma. Chronic blood loss can result in iron deficiency which is required for the body to maintain appropriate hemoglobin levels required to carry oxygen. Nutritional deficiencies such as Vitamin B12 and folate can also result in anemia.

Cardiac Problems

If you have problems with the heart, such as coronary artery disease or heart failure, the ability of the heart to supply oxygen-rich blood to the heart muscle and the rest of the body will be impaired. This may result in poor exercise tolerance and fatigue.

A sudden change in your exercise tolerance can be an early sign of heart problems such as coronary artery disease. Approximately one third of patients with underlying heart disease have no signs or symptoms (such as chest pain or myocardial infarction). The first sign of any underlying problem in this one third is sudden death. Therefore, it is imperative that you seek further evaluation if you are noticing increased fatigue that is not easily explained.

Metabolic Disorders

Patients with metabolic disorders, such as diabetes, have impaired ability to utilize sugar (glucose) which is required to form energy for the body and organs.

Thyroid Abnormalities

Abnormalities of the thyroid gland may result in fatigue. It is important to determine if your thyroid gland is performing appropriately. If your gland is underactive you will require thyroid medication to restore your bodies normal levels. This will improve your energy and help with fatigue.

Fatigue may be related to an overactive or high thyroid level (hyperthyroidism). An overactive thyroid requires further evaluation. You may require radioactive ablation to destroy the overactive thyroid tissue. Other options include medication to control the symptoms caused by an overactive thyroid or medication to block the effects of the excess thyroid hormone in your body.

Kidney and Liver Abnormalities

Patients with kidney disease and liver disease have impaired ability to eliminate the waste products of the body. If the level of these chemicals get too high the patient will begin to experience weakness and fatigue.

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue syndrome is an uncommon cause of severe, persistent fatigue. It is commonly associated with a previous viral infection such as epstein barr virus.

Mental Health Problems

Mental health problems can result in fatigue. Patients suffering from anxiety and depression will frequently complain of fatigue. This is an important consideration if no medical explanation for fatigue can be found. Anxiety and depression can also develop in someone with other chronic health problems, so it is important that a thorough evaluation be performed by your health care provider.

The symptom of fatigue is commonly experienced by all of us during our day to day activities. If your fatigue is not improving with rest, or out of character from what you are accustomed to it is important to seek further medical evaluation by your health care provider.

Take Care Of Your Thyroid Today The Natural Health Way

When it comes to treating hypothyroidism, an underproduction of thyroid hormone from the thyroid gland, conventional medicine does not address the underlying root cause. It therefore fails to treat the deficiency successfully. The purpose of this article is to show how to treat the underlying root cause successfully by treating the deficiency the natural health way.

Signs and symptoms

Whether it’s due to a lack of iodine, the effects of autoimmunity (body attacking itself) or genetic predisposition… the net result is a lack of thyroid hormone needed for the body’s metabolic functioning: Because the thyroid is such a ‘metabolic central station’ the effects of hypothyroidism are wide ranging. It is not unusual for sufferers to experience weight gain, cardiovascular related health problems, a lack of energy… and a whole host of other problems including feeling the cold more than most people, feelings of despondency or dejection, infertility, period problems, sexual dysfunction, menopause, muscle joint pains, bowel irregularities, swollen neck discomfort, voice coarseness, hair and skin changes…

Conventional medicine

When it comes to hypothyroidism, once again, conventional medicine demonstrates its ineffectiveness by only treating the symptoms and not the underlying root cause. How does it do this? Basically, by using hormone replacement therapy and ignoring the patient’s imbalanced immune system.

Makes sense to give someone hormones they are deficient in right? Yes, but it’s not that straight forward. While hormone replacement therapy gives temporary relief it ignores the underlying root cause, which is a failing hormonal situation and an imbalanced immune system. It should also be mentioned, the greater the failing hormonal situation and imbalance to the immune system the less likely the hormone therapy will work.

The Solution

The solution is to not only treat the symptoms but also get at the underlying root cause. This involves restoring balance to the immune system which will in turn quell inflammation. So the answer lies in restoring thyroid health the natural way:

The first thing is to throw out foods considered to be unhealthy such as those that are processed and sugary (or high glycaemic index like pasta or potatoes) which can cause distress to your adrenal glands and thyroid. Those foods containing cheap and nasty fats or having MSG should also be well avoided. Chlorinated and fluoridated water should be missed out, so drink plenty of good clean water. I would also strongly recommend avoiding chlorinated swimming pools.

Natural wholesome food like good supplies of fresh fruit and vegetables are essential. Coconut oil is highly recommended. This highly nutritious medium chain fatty acid has the ability to regulate the immune system and reduce inflammation. It also has the ability to suppress harmful intestinal microorganisms that can contribute to inflammation… The list of health benefits coconut has goes on…

It is crucial to get iodine levels checked but having said that I would strongly suggest that the person concerned should seek medical advice because, depending on the his or her circumstances, administering iodine could do more harm than good.